17 Adorable Reasons To Sign Up For The BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter

1. Imagine your eyes are crossing from boredom, staring at your screen at work…

2. Or sitting through the world’s longest class…

3. Or just nodding off on the couch at home.


4. You’re yawning like this tiger cub who stayed up way too late last night!

5. You’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up!


6. When all of a sudden, there it is in your inbox: The very cutest posts BuzzFeed Animals has to offer, packaged for your convenience in newsletter form.

7. And when you open it, you find TONS of adorable things, like this baby bunny curled up in an eggshell.

8. And this fashion-forward pomeranian riding a skateboard in jorts.

Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com

9. And this hedgehog taking a relaxing bubble bath.

10. And this hamster enjoying the world’s tiniest burrito.

11. And these ducklings going down a water slide.

12. And so many more fun li’l friends!

13. Just like that, you’re awash in a sea of squee.

14. You’re lost in a forest of fluff!


15. And your day has gone from boring and drab…


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